Hello all..

i jumped into the mi16 on saturday night, and started it - no problems. straight away afterwards i heard (what sounded like) an electric motor wind up and stay at some fairly decent revs. it sounded something like a little bilge pump on a boat..

It was an unusual sound that i hadnt heard before.

I gave the engine a little rev to see if it affected it - nope, noise keeps going

checked the guages to see if it engine was hot and thermos could have kicked in - but no, engine was stone cold (had been sitting there for hours - and noise started pretty much as soon as i started the engine).

so i turned the engine off.. but the noise didnt stop.

popped the bonnet, and had a look (it was night though and i couldnt really see).. the noise seemed to be coming from around the plenum, on top of the tb is a little bosch thing which looked like it could be the culprit (looks like an electric motor), and there was quite a bit of vibration going through this and all the associated plumbing. but i unplugged it, and the noise kept going. theres another thing, hidden under lots of hoses a bit to the right of this and from feeling the vibration, this seemed to be the most likely suspect.

it was still going, and giving me the sh$ts by now (was also in a residential street late at night) so unscrewed the battery, it stopeed its noice - reconnected battery it started up again!! i disconnected the battery again so i could see if i could find a torrch, and by the time i re-connected everything it didnt make the noise again, and the car seems to run fine, just like normal.

I cant find my manual at the moment, so i cant give you better descriptions of any of the bits, but can anyone suggest what may be the problem??

dont know if it has anything to do with it, but there was a definate smell of petrol when i opened the bonnet - but not sure if thats from starting and then stopping the engine so quickly??