505aphile - I think I'm in trouble!?
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    Icon11 505aphile - I think I'm in trouble!?

    Hi fellow froggers!

    I was interested to see if there were any of you out there who can relate to my situtation? As per my signature, I own two 505s.

    Now, as there are only two drivers in my household, it would make sense that two cars might be enough - right?


    So, would it make sense if I went out and bought another 505? Hmmm. Well I just did. I seemed to be inexplicably drawn into the purchase. Lovely car, service records from new, lovely specimen, good price. Must have it...

    So now I own three 505s and I don't want to sell any of them. I haven't even built my shed yet! Built in redundancy? A spare in case? One for spares maybe? I can't really tell you why I did it - maybe someone else can?!!!
    1986 505 SLi wagon (XN6; 3HP22; silver)
    1984 505 STI sedan (ZDJK; 3HP22; silver light blue)

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    Dont know what your problem is, I have 2 Drivers at home and 1 x Tojo Landcruiser 80 series 1 x 405 SRDT 2 x Citroen CX 1 x WL Statesman 1 x trailer 2 x onroad 1/10 gas cars 1 x 1/10 gas buggy 1 x gas monster truck (there are 3 x R/C drivers in the house) also 1 x Mazda 929 diesel - unreged and up for sale. I dont think you have an illness as yet.
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    hmmm, yes, i dont think you are suffering any major symptoms of the peugeot infection at the moment........

    between me and my brother in law, we once owned, all at once, 5 504s, 1 cx, 1 203, 2 DS's, 1 505..............and a datsun...............although we have manged to get rid of 4 504s..........lol

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