Hi there, i'm new to the site as i've just discovered it. Sadly, am no longer a peugeot owner, the last one was given away about six months ago due to rust, live right by the sea now. feel a bit naked really as i'm now 48 and have owned 403's and 504's since I was 18. So now I get around in a rodeo ute, which is very perky with a 3.2V6 but nowhere in terms of what a peuge gives, ah well, one day soon i hope to own another. Anyway to the point: In 2000 i had two 504's, a GL and a silver LTI. The LTI had been hit hard by being driven through the epicentre of the 1999 hail storm we had here in Sydney and a combo of rust and not being flush enough to keep two pugs on the road led me to letting one go. Anyway I sold the LTI unreg to a guy called Brendan. I let him keep the plates on until he got the car to where he was taking it on the proviso the he return them to me.Pretty dumb really, but he talked the talk and seemed peugeot afflicted, also I had his mobile number. the plates never came back, the mob # was a dud. So. If anyone see's a set of NSW plates TMF504 (Tone's Mutha F------ 504) getting around please let me know. Thanks. Top site!