Ignition Rotor and Condenser
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    Icon9 Ignition Rotor and Condenser

    Hi guys

    I'm facing a strange problem with my car for years and couldnt solve it my Ignition Rotor and Condenser lasts only for a couple of weeks and the problem begins to appear which is if I shift gears before 3000 rpm the engine makes a strange delay or two in acceleration for only a secound then jumps suddenly in acceleration you know just like somebody is kicking you from behind and sometimes makes a sound like sneezing OK I think you knew what I'm talking about
    Removing the rotor I find the gold plates that contact to each other a bit burned out, I don't know anything about the condenser but I was told that the rotor and condenser must be both installed at the same time, after installing them everything is fine and the car shifts smoothly without any problems
    Please advise me what to do

    1975 504 GL


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    The only thing I have seen do this is a coil loose on it's mount or in it's clamping bracket giving no earth point or at least a high resistance to chassis. It seems to punch High Tension back down to the points and condensor and cause the problems you described. I had this happen on my 504 SW and it took me some time to track it down. I believe the coil failed shortly after if I remember correctly,

    Regards, LynCliff

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    ..............also, how many klms has the car (or more importantly the distributor) done?
    I had a problem with a CX Citroen many years ago that had worn the bushes on the distributor shaft and as a result the rotor used to spin slightly eccentric. I detected it by attaching a strobe timing light and bringing the car up to just above a fast idle whilst pointing the strobe at the timing mark; the timing was jumping around like a jack in the box. Fitted a second hand but known good distributor and lived happily ever after.

    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    I used to kill condensors in about 3 months with my old dizzy. I tried, original ones, new ones and higher value ones........... to no avail.

    I thought that it was the coil but after changing it for original, oem and a random one still same problem.

    Like Alan says i replaced my dizzy with a brand new unit, everything matched perfectly. More than a year later no problems whats so ever. Same coil as before so i assume that it had to be the dizzy.

    2005 407 ST Exec
    1975 504 GL

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