Hello from France. Switzerland
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    Default Hello from France. Switzerland

    Hey there fellow Froggers,

    I thought i would just say a quick hi as im off for about 4 months hot air ballonning around europe (ill be a driver and crew member chasing and setting it up etc) and am not sure how often i am going to be able to have a look on AF. I drove across france about 2 weeks ago and saw to many ( if thats possible) frogs. They are everywhere. I saw a really really nice cit, i think it was a DS but it was 2 door, very nice. Ive been in switzerland for the past 2 weeks and have been salavating over some of the roads here. Im in the south up in the alps and the roads are absolutly incredible. Smooth as, windy, and sometimes deserted. Ive also finally pulled apart the MI16 motor that i bought and have sent it home so as soon i i hit home the 205 conversion starts. Cant wait.

    Anyway hope all is well in the AF (peugeot) group and i hoe you are all jeleous


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    hey cam!!

    all the best son!

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