help a peugeot neubie out
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    help a peugeot neubie out


    I just bought a 1978 504 today (first car!), its a silver, 3 speed auto with a cool black vinyl top. The car drives great and the overall paint and interior is great. Just a few questions, )sorry, I am very new to this, chose a Pug 504 over a hatchback cos I feel that it has more soul than a plastic bubble with wheels)

    -When servicing and tuning it for the first time, whats should I look out for?


    -Is there any major potential faults with a 78 504 Pug that I would look out for?

    -Any decent Pug mechanic in Brisbane that won't charge an arm and a leg?

    thanks in advance


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    Welcome to the board and pug ownership, I'm sure you'll enjoy both!

    I can't tell you anything about the 504, but I would recommend Euroserve in Ross St at Newstead for servicing. I can't comment on them being the cheapest, but in my experience they don't do anything that doesn't need doing (unlike the dealer from whom I purchased the car).


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    What part of Brisbane are you in?

    If you're convenient to Nundah then there's no question of where you should go...

    First thing is to drain the radiator, flush it with clean water very thoroughly, including undoing the drain plug on the block below the exhaust manifold (that might need prodding once you get the plug out to dislodge rust scale blocking it...) and then refill with a very good corrosion inhibitor.

    Note that I said you should do this yourself? I wouldn't trust anyone else to do this for me, and it's hardly difficult.

    Nulon might be a good inhibitor to use...

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    Ray's suggestion of making sure that the cooling system is clean and filled with fersh coolant is a good one. The combination of an alloy cylinder head with a cast iron block easily leads to corrosion if the coolant isn't regularly changed.

    But my first step would be to go to a good automotive book store and buy a copy of a workshop manual for the car, so that you canget a feel for what is going on under the bonnet.

    After the coolant, I'd make sure that the engine was "breathing" properly. The crankcase ventilation system on the 504 depends on the wire mesh filter in the place where you fill it up with oil on the side of the motor being kept clean. Secondly it depends on the hoses that connect to it being in good condition.

    Next I'd make sure that the air filter element has been changed recently.

    Then I'd check the brake pads for condition and make sure that the wear indicator leads are plugged in (nothing worse than finding out someone has disconnected them to disguise worn out pads and then having to replace the much dearer disks a little way down the track.

    One potential problem with the 78 504 auto is bending of the accelerator pedal support. THis can substantially affect the acceleration of the car (once its bent it doesn't let the carburettor butterflies open fully) and can also be dangerous (I'm assuming you have one of the 1978 models with twin solex carby's)

    With an auto I'd also ask them to check the condition of the transmission fluid and replace it if necessary.

    Make sure the drainsande channels around the edge of the boot lid aren't blocked. THis can lead to water in the boot and rust in the boot floor.

    Finally I'd be checking the suspension - especially the bushes, and getting any replaced which aren't up to scratch - and the exhaust system, making sure that all of the correct attachments are still in place.

    Once you have got all that out of the way, I'd point my web browser at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and read some of the reviews of the 504 that you will find there. You've just bought a very fine car, one of the true classics, that can give you a lot of pleasure if you look after it.



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    Mike C.

    Great Car. The reason i keep mine is that i can do a lot of the work my self, and I can usually find parts, sometime takes a while. I am only a lad of 20 who has been working with this car for about a year, and I can do most things myself. Cruise over to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> There is a lot of information plus including a parts manual and some chapters out of the service manual. Has helped me, especially when putting things together

    Was at ross St this arvo. Nice place, never been there before today but they have a very well furbished workshop and lots of mechanics. As for price, sorry no idea.

    Best of luck with the new pug.

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    Where's Dave Mcbean? he's a pretty good 504 nutter.-chris
    ... ptui!

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