Mi16 extractor help...
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    Icon8 Mi16 extractor help...

    Hello guys,

    The other day the cat on my mi16 died, so while getting it replaced i was looking at the extractors and manifold and noticed some carbon traces, then i thought oh ****, there holes, so now i have a leaking manifold/extractors, i was thinking the extractors would be an expensive item and a complete bitch to remove, would you guys reckomend bogging up the holes? (will it withstand heat/pressure) how much would it cost to replace? (estimate inc labor) or any other advices will be greatly appreciated...



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    Are you 100% sure they are holes? I would have thought u'd hear it, and maybe have problems associated with o2 sensor if the exhaust manifold was leaking. i've never had it happen though so I wouldn't know sorry.
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