306 odometer backlight
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    306 odometer backlight

    hey, the backlight for the odometer on my dads N5 306 has blown out, peugeot quoted us 2 hours work to replace it, i'm guessing the bulbs a $2 part? so i'm just wondering how hard it is to pull out the instrument cluster, and how easy it is to break because i'm not very keen to destroy it accidently. thanks in advance


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    If the N5 306 cluster is similiar to the N3 its not that much of a job just be really carefull that you dont breakk any of the clips. Once you got it all loose make sure you dissconnect the plugs on the back of the cluster from memeory i think there is about 3 or 4.

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    It depends, as for some jobs you need to remove the speedo cable, but i thought that was for N3's only. I can remove and replace the cluster in my 306 in 1 to 1.5 hours.- ask the service guys why it takes so long? Then ring up another pug service center and ask them how log and why? compare and save.-chris
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