205si pinging
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Thread: 205si pinging

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    Default 205si pinging

    I have problems with my 205 pinging from around 3000 rpm at even light throttle openings. It is happening most of the time. I have been advised that it could be bad fuel but I always run premium. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers


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    Default simmilar problem...

    I had a 93 205Si for 5 years, from 80000 to 235000 km and it was a pinger for most of its life. It certainly did not like standard but even some tanks full of pulp seemed to cause pinging......

    the problem seemed to go away when I did a belt and bent all the valves requiring a clean and rebuild... new valves all round at around 215000k. the engine felt much crisper after that and I cannot remember any pinging after the rebuild either. Perhaps a good decoke removed the hot spots that had previously caused the pinging.

    I know that the one time I had it peugeot tuned Robert at Straightway insisted on maintaining the timing to suit PULP/98 octane despite my comments about pinging - he reckoned cutting back the timing for lower grades of fuel reduced the engine performance too much. The main preoblem was that there was very little 98 octane avialable in Gippsland at the time. even PULP was not available everywhere.


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