Pug180 replacement test drives.
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    Default Pug180 replacement test drives.

    just thought some might be interested in some cars i test drove on the weekend. my 180 is semi on the market (i havnt advertised), but am thinking i will trade it on something in a few months. still considering the 205 though.

    well, i drove

    slk-350 (way outside my price range, but the 200 was not in demo stock)

    also looked at an audi a3 tfsi (but didnt have one in demo to drive).


    even though the 350 was out of my budget (by a long way $130k), i have to say, what a beautiful car, so solid, just glorious.

    the golf gti was the nicest to drive and equalled the rest in its own performance way. it had the best accelaration at any given rev range. beautiful to drive, handles so well, and the steering is not as "driver" style as the 180, but very good in its own right. I would order one accept for a couple of issues. The seat in the cloth trim felt no better for my back than the 180 and i dont like the body shape, especially with no colour coding on the body kits (I sure hope thats an option). the golf doesnt seem to have any "lag". Feels more like a NA, it screams right from get go. Im suprised at the 7.2 spec for the 0-100 quoted. felt to me more like a 6.0. Seriouslly.

    the STi is just not an option for me, fantastic car, but couldnt see me commuting in the daily grind. boy does it kick though. and deserves such a huge fan base.

    the monaro is a gorgeous car, inside and out, and very much appreciated the ability to adjust seats and driving position with electronics. i like it a lot. very much a different drive to the 180 though. probably the car i would buy, accept its a coupe and really would prefer a 4 door, also i would prefer more of a ss sound to the exhaust (which i cant mod as would be a company car), also, its not quite as quick as I was expecting from such a monster of an engine. perhaps it was my driving style. i have been told 6.5 for thr 0-100, but dont know how accurate that is.

    to be honest, the 180 performs in its own way, just as well as any of the vehicles i drove. if it wasnt for my need to adjust driving position, and a need for a 4 door, i would keep the 180. it made me realise just how good it is, in its own regard. however of that lot if i had to choose, just for my needs, i would go the vw, really is a great car.

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    did you test the megane 225? might be another option if you liked the Golf.

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    i was going to, but for the money i think the VW would better suit my needs.

    still a good car im sure ! (its french after all).

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