504 oil 1974
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Thread: 504 oil 1974

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    504 oil 1974

    I have had problems with oil seeping onto fan belt which in turn flicks oil around the engine.
    was told to check and clean appropiate hoses etc to help it breathe and to reduce pressure - which I have done.
    Cause it was still happening, someone said that the timing cover was to blame. I got a new cover and seal which the local mechanic fitted for me. He reckons that the oil would be coming from a sandwich plate on the engine. If so how does it make it to the outside of the engine? The mechanic reckons that the timing cover and seal was ok!


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    Oil bath air filter? If so, then it is a very french design - the air inlet is directly over the fan belt/fan clutch carbon brush thingy, and if the filter has a little bit too much oil in it, it will blow oil out onto this area. Found out the hard way one day when my old pug overheated in traffic because oil had caused the carbon brush to gunk up, and the fan didnt come on.
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