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    Default 405 indicator unit

    Hi all


    Just got home from a drive in my 405 and I noticed my front passenger indicator lamp is hanging loose by it's wires, next to the headlight. I had a look, it seems it should be held in place by a kind of spring which hooks over a piece of plastic on the back of the headlight unit. However some of this plastic has given way, so now the hook on the spring won't stay in place and consequently neither will my indicator lamp.....

    Has anyone else had this happen to them? Is it a common problem? Anyone aware of any fixes besides ringing wreckers looking for a replacement? (This seems like it would be expensive and time consuming for such a tiny piece of plastic....)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    Default .

    Its fairly easy to take the front of the 405 apart. Start with the radiator grill piece that sits above the bumper, then unclip the plasitc mouldings which sit under the headlights. You can unscrew the headlights if you want. You may be able to get better access to the indicator light with them off. If you can't work out how to fix it, i'd try and get a replacement from a wrecker.
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