206 GTI180 ITG Induction Kit
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    Default 206 GTI180 ITG Induction Kit

    FYI - Progress on the ITG Kit


    Purely for info, please no comments or arguments about 3000HP gains. This is a mail I received from ITG yesterday.


    The 206 Gti 180 kit should have been ready six months ago, but due to an
    overwhelming work load and difficulties in producing the airbox mounting
    bracket progress has been slow to non-existent. Fortunately things have
    just started to move ahead again as we have become more deeply involved
    with RERT (a factory employees rally team here in the UK) and all we
    need to sort out now is the bracket manufacturing process. We have a
    preliminary design for the tooling, we now just need to get it made and
    see if it works the way we need it to.

    If you drop me a line in around a months time I should have some more
    positive news for you.

    Best regards,

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    Looking at K&N typhoon kit it seems very exposed to the external elements and im wondering due to its position is it more likely to be sucking in more hot air then cold.

    Just wondering if the ITG kit is shielded, where is it sucking air from? I guess all we be answered in good time. Look foward to viewing the dyno results as well.
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