New 1.6 Engine cost
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    Default New 1.6 Engine cost
    IKCO is an iranian company that assembles Peugeot's 206, 405 and 605(where known as Pars) till this date. Most of their production is sold locally.

    Having meet an engineer who works there, I was told raving stories about the assembly plant which operates 24hrs a day, 6 days a week (even 7 during busy periods). But what attracted my attention was their cost price for parts, ie at what price PSA sells the 1.6Ltr (TU5JP4) engine AND transmission to IKCO.


    The contract revolves around building the 206 for ten years, at 120k units a yr. At least half of these cars built are equipped with that engine and automatic gearbox.

    Their cost is ridiculsouly stunning. Something in the order of $150US per eng+gb. That's right, one hundred and fifty US dollars.

    Now me thinks, if the most expensive part of the car is this cheap, how much does the whole car cost the moment it rolls off assembly line?

    One would think France is the land of Peugeot's, dig this, it is Iran. Petrol there is in the order of 4 cents (That's + ) a litre. Add to that the extremely low price of a new 206, and the registration fee of $1pa, as well as comprehensive insurance about $130AU pa.

    On my next hop to Europe, I will be jumping through Iran, maybe touring the conutry in a new 206 that I'd buy from a Dealer.

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    Before you're shot, strung up in the town square, burnt & finally dragged around on a rope behind your car for being an "infidel"!

    Have a nice trip!

    Funny how the immobiliser is highlighted as a major selling feature!!!

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    Thr 'Traffic Act' is a must to read with references to "bullet marks" and "Remove ignition switch when parking" (possibly to make it easier to hotwire.) as well as constant mention of "tip Police" although I take it they mean to tell as in 'tip off' not as in "tip the waiter" although there's usually more the latter than the former in some of those places (a bit like Queensland coppers)

    With car and petrol prices at those levels you would have to reckon it would be almost unheard of for a car to get pinched or your petrol syphoned and with their laws about chopping the hands off thieves, I'd suggest a spot of flashing in the local park could get a bit hazardous...

    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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