Temp. Gauge High and then STOP light
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    Default Temp. Gauge High and then STOP light

    About three km's into a drive in my 505 GR on Saturday I noticed the temp. gauge approaching the red line at traffic lights.
    Before pulling over the Temp. light and Stop lights both appeared.
    Found the radiator to be completely dry though I checked that it was full before leaving.
    After slowly adding water from my emergency bottle I returned home with the cap released and the heater on.
    There are no visible leaks present.
    No steam appearing from the radiator.
    Can it be that the water is being evaporated through some internal engine fault?


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    check the oil condition and see if there is any steam from the exhaust

    also check for bubbles in the radiator

    if all that comes back clear then recheck all the hoses in the engine bay and the carpet in the car

    if you have rubber mats in the car they should stick to the carpet within a week if you have a leak in the car
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    Sounds like the start of a good cookin.

    If there are no obvious leaks in all the areas pugrambo suggested then look deeper.

    A cooked motor has a distinct smell and as you have not mentioned the oil steaming off the block do not despair yet.

    Pressure test the water jacket to check the head gasket and all other fittings, (should be cheap to get done by any of the mobile type parts fitters). The water may be going straight into the combustion chamber, (this should be evident by cr&p running).

    Check for oil in the water, (latté/frappe scum in the rocker cover).

    It could be a simple over heat and boil out due to blocked radiator channels or FKD thermostat. When was the last time you flushed it out and changed the thermostat, (suggest changing the thermostat every year or two or when ever you go near the housing - cheap at twice the price).

    Best of luck and keep us posted.

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