205 GTi idles fast
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    205 GTi idles fast

    Hi guys. Was driving my 205 today. I drove it in the morning to uni and then in the afternoon and in the afternoon i noticed that ater driving for a short while it was idling at about 1500rpm. I kept it in a high gear while driving to keep it cool because the temperature gauge was creeping up and i put the heater fan on for help, it was driving great but the idle was a problem.

    I started to notice that the oil pressure gauge was waving a little while driving. I just had an oil change and service. My mechanic at the last service cleaned out the throttle body and changed spark plugs but i have been driving it for 2 days now. I returned to uni later and 2 hours after parking i check the levels. Starting with oil which was a little low but ok, then the water. It was dark and difficult to see but i think there was no water in the reservoir and so i filled it with as much water as i was able, which was only about a litre. The car was idling at about 1000rpm exactly which has been pretty normal but still a little high. I also noticed that after sitting in traffic for a little in was the oil temp gauge was once again getting quite hot but not passed the optimal band.

    I will check my water again tomorrow morning but does anyone know if this is the likely cause? I rang my mechanic and he said it was most likely that the throttle body had been cleaned up and told me if i wanted i could adjust the air*thing* i forgot the last part of the word.


    I know that you can twist that screw near the accelarator cable to increase idle but is this the same thing? I thought these cars adjusted their own idle with the emission system. Sorry for the long post just trying to give all the info.
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    theres no automatic idle adjustment on the 205, you adjust it with the idle screw that you just described, you can also adjust fuel mixture on the air flow meter?(is that what your mechanic was talking about) but that wouldnt do anything. What does cause a high idle that is coolant related is when the coolant system hasnt been bled properly meaning there are air bubbles in the hoses, could also relate to your overheating problem, there are 2 bleed screws, one on the firewall where the 2 coolant pipes enter the heater matrix and one that goes into the front of the cylinder head on the distributor side, its outlined in the haynes manual how to do it

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