505 Heated Seats
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    505 Heated Seats

    I'm slowly checking over the 505 V6 Familiale, it has heated seat switches on the centre console, which light up appropriately and send power down to the two-wire connectors under each seat, but the heating elements themselves appear to be open circuit. Has anyone ever pulled a heated seat apart ? What kind of heating element is in there and are they prone to breakage ?


    (Hey, what with your warmer temperatures I know this is like asking a vegetarian if a big Mac has gerkins ?!)

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    A few things to check,
    1/ Appropriate fuses.
    2/ With a multi meter check the elements in each seat,
    at the seat.
    3/ If still no luck check the individual wires from the switches to the seats.
    spanner spanner spanner spanner

    If all this fails, get a dog and let it sit on the seat for 1/2 an hr, or you could eat beans the night before, and use the resultant gas to heat the seat.
    This could however be self defeating, as you'd probably need to leave a window open.
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