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    Peugeot Parts

    Since some of use know that i had some overheating probs, tuns out that it was the oil cooler hose wich runs from the bottom of the thermostat housing to inlet of oil cooler.

    Spoke to peugeot and they say it is a 3 week wait from france, and several pug wreckers and say that they havent seen a s16 in the yard for years and cant help me.


    My question is, is it possible to get parts from france quciker cus my car has been of the road for 2 days and i miss it way too much dont know what 3 weeks will be like.

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    can't you get someone like pirtek make one up for you ????
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    FWIW, I did a hose on my BX which sounds a similar one to yours.
    As a temporary measure, I went to Repco with the old hose and bought a black plastic fitting & a couple of jubilee clips, cut out the dodgy bit, fitted the plastic (heat resistent) elbow type fitting, refitted & then about 2 years later when I needed to get some parts from the UK, I ordered it from Andyspares/GSF in the UK and had it about a week later.
    I had asked in Australia for a price and it was about $135 eek! cry deal roll_lau roll_lau The price from over there with all taxes added was only a fraction of that. dance

    I'm sure if you get it off, you'll find it's not that hard to improvise and then get onto one of the companies in the UK to send one over at their leisure if you decide you still need it.

    Alan S cheers!
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