306 s16 battery box cover
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    306 s16 battery box cover

    this is a fairly trivial question but it appears the box which houses my battery is lacking its cover so does anyone know where I might be able to pick one of these up?

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    when you find one leave it off during summer
    i have found that the batteries in 306's sitting in battery boxes are getting way too hot and as such killing batteries early
    i have had my GTi-6 from new in 98 and about 4 months ago put my 2nd battery in it
    so it's on it's 3rd battery in 5 years
    i am leaving my cover off this summer as a trial and going to try and modify the cold air induction into the box
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    Yah, agree with pugrambo there. I snapped the mounts for the box cover so I left it off. I have gone through 3 batteries in 8 years and I'm actually considering moving the battery to the boot. It gets damn hot where it's situated in the S16's and it can't be good for the battery.


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    I had a fix-it man brake mine , i don't use it.
    But i also cover the terminals, id hate to see what happens in a jolt, or very heavy brake if the +ve terminal contacted with something, bonnet.
    I use gold terminals and Silicone covers from Jaycar. They are a little pricy, but remain 100% clean and very secure, plus conduct very well and have lasted nearly 5 years and still good.- chris
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