how to test an o2/lambda sensor
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    how to test an o2/lambda sensor

    hey all,
    i kind of have reason to suspect mine has died, what are the symptoms of this normally? its in a 205gti s2, i have 12V going to the heater coil, the plug however when i pulled it apart was full of coolant! could that have fried something. i dont know how to test the single pronged plug to check if the sensor is good or bad? thanks

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    One thought is, if you or your mate has another car with an o2 sensor on it and tuned you could place the suspect o2 sensor on your mate exhaust and compare your O2 readings with your mates o2 readings.

    Do that at Idle when engine and sensor is hot. or in closed loop That way you can be sure that it should read 0.5 volts.


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    They need replacing every now and then anyway, so why not keep a spare, and when you suspect it may be going off, try the new one.
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    Connect a multimeter to pin 20 on the ECU and earth. Voltage should vary from 0.6 to 0.9V depending on load.
    idle - approx. 0.9V
    full load/WOT - 0.8 - 0.9V
    cruise - 0.6V
    over run - <0.6V
    ie under most conditions it should be in the range 0.6 - 0.9V.

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