205 GTI What weight oil for the engine?
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    205 GTI What weight oil for the engine?

    Hi all,

    Firstly...this isn't a mobil is better then castrol kind of a question.. it's more to do with what weight oil?

    * The Haynes manual, and Peugeot recommend 10w/40.
    * The gentalman at Auto France (Artarmon, Syd) suggested that 10w/40 is too light for Aussie conditions, 20w/50 is the better way to go.
    * A mechanic friend recommends the lighter oil only because a 16 year oil engine will/may have some constriction along the oil galleries..

    So.. what to use?

    Pugsley The 1987 205 GTi Peugeot

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    If the engine is still tight & not leaking or burning oil, go by the Haynes spec.
    If it's just starting to burn/lose a fair bit, I'd go something like a 15W/50 semi synth and if the motor's almost stuffed, go the 20W/50 route.

    This "thicker oil for Aussie conditions" is the biggest crock you'll ever hear as far as I'm concerned; all it achieves in doing with modern engines is wears them out quicker due to slower travel through the myriad of oil galleys that they have to travel. As soon as someone can convince me that any cars engine is hotter on a 25 deg day in Sydney than it is in London, Moscow or Darwin, then I'll believe it as a fact not a theory.
    I've spent the last 10,000 klms trying to avoid a ring job on a BX 1.9 engine that was serviced by a mob who talked the same mumbo jumbo & as a result this car glazed the bore. I think I've just about beaten it now.
    We're running a 16 Valve (a 'la Mi16) engine that's just been rebuilt on 0W/40 at present without problems. This is an oil suitable for racing/turbo/multi valve engines that get so hot they nearly glow, so where's their argument on "thick oil for Aussie conditions?" And I'm just a couple of hours drive south of the declared Tropics.
    If it's any help, here's a posting we recently had relating to oils which I think should help explain things in a bit moe detail.

    <a href="http://www.aussiefrogs.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=5;t=001875" target="_blank">Oil Topic</a>

    Hope that is some help.

    Alan S cheers!
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    Any commonsense, objective analysis will comfirm that Alan S is absolutely right.

    The cooling system thermostat and radiator thermatic fan keep the engine temperature the same regardless of external temperature.

    And as I explained in another post, the prevailing temperatures, in the areas of Australia where the vast majority of Australian's live, are actually quite similar to large areas of Europe.

    So stick with the advice of the Haynes manual and your mechanic friend.

    I even use 5W-40 in my pushrod 1976 504. The Haynes manual recommends 20W-40, but 5W-40 is equivalent or better, because the first number refers to the cold viscosity so obviously smaller is better. I don't know how many miles my motor has done, but judging by the amount of black gunk coating block and sump, the piston slap when cold and the timing chain rattle when warm, I would say the mileage is pretty high. The previous owner had 25W-60 oil in it which made the performance feel like a wooden spoon in cold honey. As soon as I changed to the thin stuff, the improvement in fuel economy, free reving, power and cooling was startling. It was a major improvement all round. I'm not splitting hairs. After about 20,000 km on the thin stuff with plenty of hard driving (still sees the redline more often than most), I am having no problems which were not present when I bought the car. I would also add that I'm fussy about filters and always use Purflux.

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