205 GTI Thermostat
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    205 GTI Thermostat

    Hi all,

    I pulled the thermostat out of my car last night to check it, and I'm hoping someone out there might be able to give me some feedback.

    (a) The thermostat that I've removed is rated '83'
    (b) I boiled the thermostat in a pop of water over the stove AND it moved (opened). My question is, how far? what distance should it open??

    To me, it looked like it could of moved a little more (1/2 cm?)


    Any information would be brilliant
    Pugsley The 1987 205 GTi Peugeot

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    That would be about right.

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    The 83 means the temp in degrees it opens at, or actually controls the temp at. I would think it would open closer to 8mm. A new one is cheap insurance.
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