Just me (seriously) or is Regan Motors expensive?
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    Just me (seriously) or is Regan Motors expensive?

    Rang regan motors for a price on a 205gti '90 right drive shaft seal. $40.

    Rang my grandpa to see if he could get it wholesale non peugeot $5. yes five

    The seal i have is small. It goes back alone the driveshaft about 6 or 7mm. Haven't tried to put it on yet, did i get the wrong part. it doesn't say 205 on it but it says citroen/pug. Part is packaged as "CONTECO"


    edit: Thanks to anyone who could possibly help with such an ambiguous question.

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    The replacements from GSF/Andyspares are shown in their catalogue as part no: T31172 for one side and T31170 the other.
    If these are the same as Citroen ones, they should have a white plastic looking centre piece for the drive shaft to pass through. This is there to help prevent damage to the seal when the driveshaft is being refitted.
    For the record, the price quoted in the UK is about GBP 2.75 or about $8 so if you can buy it at trade I'd say $5 would be pretty close. Chances are those in the know would just take the original down to somewhere like Bearing Service and get it matched up.
    The plastic protector whilst being handy, is still not essential if you're careful when fitting.
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    Some things at Regans is well priced for my 505, but I often go to European Imports or Caravelle if I want something simple like a purflux filter. Definately cheaper. I think being a PCCV memeber gets you discounts at those places to?
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    I've found Regans to be average in their pricing of certain things. When buying new items, like my rear brake compensator, Regans' prices seem to be close if not the same as other places I call, including EAI.

    On the other hand, some parts I couldn't get anywhere else were ridiculously expensive - the yellow plastic in-tank fuel filter to replace the stuffed in-tank pre-pump was around $90 (the filter is a piece of plastic that would have cost no more than $2 to produce...).

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