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Thread: 504 Odometer

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    504 Odometer

    The odometer in my 1981 504 Diesel sometimes clicks over the 1,000km and/or 10,000km digits for no apparent reason. I take out the speedo every now and again and wind it back to what it should be, but it's a nuisance. Does anyone know of an easy fix, or do I take it to an auto instrument specialist? The trip meter is ok (which is how I know what the odometer should read).

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    That's not as bad as one of mine did... after faithfully recording everything right for 560,000kms it decided that the hundreds of thousands and the tens of thousands should rotate about the same speed as the single kms...

    Now the replacement lies, says it's only done 347,000km... but what can I do? Not many 83 models have that mileage on them!

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