Shock mountings?
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    Shock mountings?

    Hopefully a fairly simple question. wink

    Can I tighten the top shock absorber mounting bolt (f+r) too much (or for that matter too little??) and if so how do I tell what is the right amount???

    Had a funny rattle in the rear of the car it was the right hand rear mounting nut loose and the metal cap bouncing around on the loose nut. I tightened it to about the same height on the bolt as the other side, is this right??


    Thanks all

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    If the mount has been loose for some time it may have chaffed a good deal of rubber away. These rubbers are not expensive, buy your self a new set and replace the nyloc nuts at the same time, whip this will prevent the nuts from coming loose again. In regards to your question yes and no, it is very hard to overtighten the nuts if you have new rubbers in place. But if the rubbers are shagged the nut may go thread bound at the end of it's travel and strip the thread disappro . There should be a torque figure for these in applicable workshop manual, but if you feel a sharp rise in torque or the rubbers start to squeeze up too much it's time to stop. mallet Simple hey wink
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