How do I make an STi idle when its cold?
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    How do I make an STi idle when its cold?

    Without tracking down a manual and figuring it out myself, what bits are responible for cold running/idle, and how do I fix it?
    I also have to turn the hot idle up further than I would like to make it idle OK in drive.

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    If both idles are out, best place to start is with the idle mixture.

    You set this by turning an Allen key that goes into the housing on the air flow meter. Don't do it (I've been told) while the car is on.

    Directions can be found in Haynes (sorry, you'll have to look in the manual.) You'll need a tachometer (I got my digital auto multimeter w/ tach for $30 from cash converters.) Do it while the engine is warm, not cold.

    If you want better results, take it to a workshop who knows pugs and they'll set the mixture using an exhaust gas analyser.

    ... once you've done that, if cold idling is still buggered (but warm ok), maybe your extra air valve is stuck. It's the funny looking thing with the hoses coming out each end, on top of the thermostat housing. It should be open when cold, to let extra air in, and close when it warms up. I wouldn't bother checking it before I'd done the mixture, though.

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    Get it to vaporise the fuel better.


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