Another steering rack question
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    Another steering rack question

    Peter, in case you haven't read my reply, thanks for the advice i will remove the rack this weekend. A question I forgot to ask is what is an equivalant to Duckhams LBM 10 grease for the rack? I presume it is a lithium based grease. I am wondering what viscosity it is. I will no doubt find out once I get the rack out but would like to get some before I pull it all apart as I won't have access to transport once the rack is out. I have some standard lithium grease about the viscosity of wheel bearing grease. I have worked on a couple of English racks before and they required some fairly thin lubricant. It was a long time ago and I vaguly remember using something like 90 or 120 grade gear oil. From the remnant of what I could see inside the old bellow last weekend, this rack uses much thicker grease.


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    For wheel bearing grease you need to consider these facts:
    High speed.
    These are things that your wheel bearing grease must be able to handle.
    Aluminium Complex base greases are the best for wheel bearings.
    Most of the major companies will have a proper Wheel bearing grease, just make sure it is an Aluminium Complex base grease. deal
    With Steering rack greases you need to consider the much higher load, and sling out ressistance that is not needed with a wheel bearing grease, so therefore a typical steering rack grease would be a lithim complex grease, wont sling out, and can handle higher pounding loads.
    Make sure that the steering rack grease, is a lithium complex, not just a lithium because there is a very BIG difference between them.
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