Yesterday my fuel distributor jammed at wide open (resulting in very very severe engine flooding.)

I've dismantled it OK but it's full of little chunks of rubber. I may have introduced them myself by ripping a seal (I was twisting the two halves against each other and screwed it around a few times) or it may have disintegrated inside the unit, or be remnants of something which disintegrated somewhere else.

At any rate, I can't see where it came from.

The fuel distributor has:


- Two black O-ring seals, one at the bottom of the unit and one around the central piston housing.

- One grey rubber ring, around the metal plate.

As far as I can see, there are no other seals... is there meant to be another one? (Which in my case disintegrated).

(And is there anything else I should know before I put this gizmo back together?)