If I were to spend $1000....
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    Melbourne, Australia

    If I were to spend $1000....

    Hey there, I am a new happy member of Aussie Frogs!
    I drive a 405 Mi 16, and love it.
    Shout outs to Andreas BTW and anyone else who is a member of the yahoo mi 16 group.
    Out of curiosity if I were to spend approxiamately $1000 on my mi 16, what would be the recommended upgrade to give the best ratio of $$'s / performance increase.


    Cheers and happy motoring!

    1993 Peugeot 405 Mi 16 S2

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    Jul 2002
    Hey there, I am a new happy member of Aussie Frogs!
    Welcome Angus! I'm pretty new here myself and a new owner of an Mi16.

    What is this Yahoo Groups on Mi16? Tell me more pls.
    '93 405 Mi16 Series2 Sold!

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    Your best bet would be
    A quality air filter in a cold air box & a low quality exhaust system that will perform if they know what they are doing but won't last to long.
    We r in a age where they are charging $200-300 for a quality air filter eek!
    U won't get much for a $1000 bucks
    U could get a decent camshaft kit for that much landed from europe but it would cost that much again to be fitted with headwork.
    You could always put it on display wink
    Labour is very expensive consider this it cost me $200 for a peugeot specialist in melbourne to tell me that my old engine was shot (Very expensive to repair)
    So they put all the bits in the boot and i worked all week for that $200 and the $300 for all the towing
    What i am trying to say is that labour is expensive
    You can get some decent products for a $1000
    But unless you have the knowledge and tools to do some work yourself that money is not going to do much.
    The 405 mi is a fine car enjoy it as is.


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    Fellow Frogger!
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    There are very few gains to be made in changing inlets or exhausts on Mi16's, except in noise levels. :p I have just purchased a 89 Mi16 full pack and have done quite a bit of research on the subject it appears the best bet is to fit a exhaust camshaft sproket to the inlet camshaft this advances the inlet cam by 2&1/2 degrees of camshaft rotation as per euro spec models. I intend to do this to mine at the next cambelt change, coming up soon. If I'm not happy with the results I'll try adjustable sprokets.
    Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten!

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