405 brake light problem.
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    405 brake light problem.

    My 1989 MI16 decided over the weekend that when the brake lights come on, so should the dash and parker lights. Has anybody seen this happen before?

    Cheers Cal.

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    Don'y know if this applies to 405's , Cal, but its quite common for 505's to develop similar problems when the tail light assembly earth's aren't working properly.

    The 505 has a wire band that acts as the earth for all of the taillight assembly. If (when!) it corrodes you can end up with the current trying to take all sorts of weird paths to earth. On one car my parking lights (front and rear) used to come on whenever I out my foot on the brake, until I sorted out the earth.


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    i had some wierdos with taillites on a 405...ended up running an earth wire from the nearest bolt in the boot to the metal on the lite bracket....3" of wire and 5 mins work....very common fault

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