205 GTI ignition problem
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    205 GTI ignition problem

    Dear All,

    I hope some one can help. I have had a 1990 205GTI (14" alloys) for two years. I have an intermittent starting problem where the engine turns happily on its starter but won't start, yet it will clutch start every time with ease. Also absent is a lack of spark and no signal to the injectors. I have gone through an extensive list of all the obvious components that might be at fault many of which have been changed (tachymetric relay, coil, distributor, computer, luckily on loan). The problem has persisted for two years. Often months will pass with no problem, then it becomes acute for a week or so and then no problem again for a months etc. Luckily 205s are so light and easy to push.


    Anybody with the same experience and an answer or some other suggestion

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    I had exactly the same problem just after I bought my 205 (1990)!

    Turned out to be a dodgy circuit board in the ignition module. It is mounted on the inside of the front right wheel well, behind and below the coil.

    The other thing it could be is the connector on the wire from said module to the distributor - located about halfway along that wire. Pull it apart and clean/sand the contacts. This can sometimes get an oily deposit. This sometimes happens to me and you can usually tell straight away when you are cranking because the tacho doesn't move a millimetre when you turn the key!

    If the tacho moves when you are cranking I'd say it's the module. However simple things (cheap ) first!!!

    Good luck
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    I had....or should i say have the same problem with my 1989 205gti (14inch) model. I have spent about $1000 so far on new electrical stuff, but to no avail......have also towed it 3 times to the specialists.......
    I have isolated the problem to a little black box & 2 cables running to it that sit under the ignition coil. As you are looking at the engine from the front, it is bolted on the right suspension strut.
    What you need to do is tap on the box & make sure that where the 2 wires meet...become 1 & then join the little box are all connected tightly & not loose.

    After this, u need to disconnect the ignition coil, kick over the engine once, to re-set it & then it starts.......every time.

    Hope this works for you.

    1993 205 GTI
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    Thanks for the invaluable information. I've spent a fortune on taxis, new immobiser etc. Went to a dealership with specialist Peugeot diagnostic equipment to no avail. The dealership even put on a engine mount the wrong way. Will do tomorrow (afer I get a taxi home from work - The 5th time in 2 weeks). Cheers
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    i had the same problem on my 205 and after trying everything ...i finally tried a tachymetric relay of a 405 and the car has been perfect ever since...my symptoms were the same...but the relay was hard to diagnose as it sometimes worked and sometimes didnt....the relay is there to cut power to the fuel pump in case of an accident...ie car stops = no fuel....thats why while u r cranking or push starting the car will RUN or TURN over...the relay u replaced : WAS IT NEW? if second hand ...maybe u just maneged to land another bad one???i might be wrong but i really think u should focus on this...

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    I want to one thing. Why exactly does this forum rate the series 1 higher than the series 2 405 Mi16. As far as I know the Series 2 has better handling, better build quality and more torque. It may not be quite as quick off the mark, but surely the other three points make it far and away a better car.
    Why would peugeot build / redevelop a car that is not as good as its predecessor. This does not make any sense.
    Is it simply because more people have the series 1 and therefore rate it higher.
    As a person who has driven both, I know which I prefer and it is by far the series 2. That is of course a personal opinion and please try not to abuse me too much for it!
    1993 Peugeot 405 Mi 16 S2

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