SR Engne Swap possibilities?+
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    SR Engne Swap possibilities?+

    How much difficulty is there in transplanting a 505 executive injexted engine into an SR engine bay.
    I've heard the engine mounts rare different, if so how different. Is the difference engine or body fitment ? question

    Any guidence greatly appreciated, as I may-be able to get a good injected engine, this would solve alot of hassles. cry


    Also, how complex is the auto-manual change-over.
    Is it all worth it?


    P.S. I'll only accept 2 "stupid' downgrading replies..OK... mallet
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    Auto to manual change is fairly straight forward, I recently did my SRBT 3 spd zf to a ba 10/5. The trickiest bit was fitting the pedals. As the CL decided not to allow any door other than the passenger front to open with the battery out it allowed some interesting positions to be used to get the damn pedal box in.
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    To be honest you're better off sticking with the carby engine. It will cost you less in the long run.

    As for the conversion, I've done the opposite swap (STI 2.2 chucked out and 2 litre carby put in). Things which are different:

    -The mounting brackets which bolt the engine to the cross member
    -the wiring loom from the firewall forward is different (luckily it just unplugs). Gus could tell you more about the loom, since he converted his STI to GTI EFI.
    -gearbox bellhousing
    -power steering pump (I gave up on this and converted mine to manual steering)

    There's probably some other odds and ends which are different too, but I've listed the most important stuff.

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