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Thread: 504 oil

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    504 oil

    my 504 seems to be spraying a little oil when driving. I assume this as there is oil on the underside(in the middle) of the bonnet. from here it covers part of the engine which in turn covers the driveway. Any suggestions or help?


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    This is often related to excessive crank case pressure, shaneem. This can force a fine spray of oil out of the dip stick tube and other places.

    You don't say which model 504 you have, but the first thing to check is the flame trap/breather on the left hand side of the engine (where the oil goes in on most models). Open it up (by undoing the two spring clips) and take a look at the wire mesh inside the plastic canister that forms the "lid" (with the hose running out of the top). There should be a wire mesh filter inside this. Over time it gets very badly clogged. Remove the hose from the top and prise out the plastic circle that holds the mesh inside. (careful, they can crack) .

    You will find that the mesh is simply rolled up strip, held together by a pin. Pull out the pin, unroll the wire mesh , and soak it in petrol or some other solvent. Vast quantities of gunk will wash out. Shake out the excess petrol, blow it out with compressed air if possible, roll it up again and put it all back together. (Some people just soak the whole assembly in petrol and then blow it out with compressed air - but I like to disassemble mine for a more thorough job - I don't like the possibility of bits falling down into the sump)

    Many cars also have a second mesh in the lower (metal) part of the trap, which you can pull out with a pair of long nose pliers or similar. Give this the same treatment.

    While you have everything apart take a look at the pipe section of the lower trap that connects it to the engine block. If this is pretty clogged take it off the block and clean it out too. Similarly with the hose that goes from the plastic "lid" to the intake system.

    You should really do this at regular intervals (say, once a year) , but its amazing how many cars I see that look as if it hasn't been done since purchase.

    Essentially what happens is that the blockage of the "breather" tends to co-incide with increasing "blow by" past ageing rings and liners. Eventually you reach a point where the fumes can't escape through their normal route . Something has to give, so oil gets forced out the dip stick hole etc.



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