valve stem seals replacement on 205
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    valve stem seals replacement on 205

    How much woud i be looking at to have these replaced...89 205 Gti..


    how much time as well? thanks

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    hi pugsly,i found if the stem seals were a problem then the guides were usualy worn also.changing stem seals will give you a temp fix until they cant take the pressure any more.205 did suffer wear in this area and early 405 for that matter.the dealer here did this when they were not that old and customer grummbles got to them.12 months later back to old problems.the seals are set low into the head so its still a bit of work to get to them out belt off etc.hth

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    You have to remove the cam and springs to get to the seals. It's a pain holding up valves with compressed air, while you change the seals. I'd remove the head and do the lot, since you're most of the way there.

    If you're in Sydney, take your head to RAMS Head Service in Windsor. It costs $11 per valve to get the seats/valves recut with their new machine. It's better than a 3 angle grind. Also get the head skimmed that big 1.75mm while you're there - $60. Top end gasket set is $100 from AutoFrance.

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