P306 door adjustments
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    P306 door adjustments

    When I was looking over my P306XSi-to-be yesterday I noticed that the rear passenger door did not open smooothly. Seemed to be a bump in the movement, probably in the hinge. Also noticed that door was not sitting flush with the roof line of the body. The owner said that it has been like that since new and the Peugeot dealer didn;t think there was a problem when he asked several times to have it fixed while in for servicing. Is there adjustments in the door hinges that might fix this? No other sign or admission that it is the result of an accident.

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    Why not simply ask him to get it fixed before you hand over the cheque, renweave? Sounds like it might be a sticking checkstrap (causing the "bumpo") and/or a badly aligned lock or hinge. The hinges locations are also adjustable. (See Haynes 306 manual ,sectioon 11-11 (page 11-7)


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