'92 Mi16 Gear Linkage Problem
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    '92 Mi16 Gear Linkage Problem

    Hello Aussie Frogs!!

    It has been a long time since I've posted on this forum due to a heavy workload at the moment and a busy home life, but I had a read of the site again this week and I'm impressed with the way it has developed. I've been keeping in touch with the Peugeot world via the Peugeot-L mailing list (as this comes to me via e-mail and looks like work - damn these oppen plan offices!!).

    This question relates to my wife's '92 Mi16 - XU9J4 motor with (I think) the BE3 gearbox.

    Due to sloppy gear shift action, I have recently replaced the bell crank and all three gear shift linkages. The shift action is now considerably better.

    There is still a problem with there being no lockout between 5th and reverse. The gear shifting feels fine, but every so often it is vague when shifting back from 5th to 4th gear. The springing that is usually so positive that brings the gear lever back between to the centre of the "H" (between 3rd and 4th) seems to fail, and it takes some jiggling to get thinks back in order, after which all is then OK. The other thing that is happening is that with the car stationary, the gear shift can move freely between 5th and Reverse.

    As I have now replaced all of the linkage components, I'm assuming that this lockout problem is internal in the gearbox.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction? Is this wear or adjustment of the selectors? Is something broken and floating around in the box? Fix urgently or live with it?

    Would appreciate any feedback.


    Many thanks in advance!

    John Wiltshire
    Sydney Australia

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    It appears to me that the spring on the selector shaft has broken or is fouled.The shaft moves in and out across the H pattern.Check down on the shaft for perhap's external interferance.From memory partial dismantling of the box in the car ,eg.removeing the gear shaft's,would get you into the problem area.There is a big magnet slotted in the gearbag under the cog's which should catch any nasties.

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