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Thread: Carby cleaners

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    Carby cleaners

    While I was browsing through my local CarBitz shop I saw aerosole cans of carburettor cleaner. I was wondering if these products really work, and would it be worth while putting some in my car?

    Some things look a bit gimmicky, so I thought I'd check here first blush

    1983 Peugeot 505 GR

    "All of its cars from the 1.1 litre 205 through the ugly duckling 309 to the 2.2 litre 505 GTi had a rightness and a righteousness about them that turned every humdrum drive into a journey. Someone, I once wrote, in the bowels of Peugeot understands handling and how a chassis should feel." - Jeremy Clarkson

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    be carefull some of the cleaners can make more problems than you are trying to fix.they can wash dirt into other ares of the carby that can cause worse running faults.they are ok for cleaning bits once they are removed .generally if a carby is that bad it should be pulled apart most likely.some can atack the carby alloys and strip layers off the inside blocking jets and needle/seats.

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