Gday all, my 1990/91 Peugeot 405 Mi16 (1.9l s1)
is having problem.

well on a run to take my girl to the hospital in am emergency, about 15 minutes drive from anywere warning lights came on (check engine) and my car started to loose power, surged. I pulled over and checked the engine, had oil water etc, alt charging.
The only problem its had is the belts have been slipping a lot causing it to have little power steering. that was at about -1 at midnight


Today going down the road the car lost power, wouldn't rev past 2000rpm lights came on surged a little, then about 15 seconds later returned to normal?

whats going on, sounds like a serious problem - is there anything i can check?

or should i start planning on buying a new car?

please help