406 idle control motor
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    Default 406 idle control motor

    hey all. Am having a recurring glitch with the idle on my 406 ST. When throttle released and pulling up to lights, it will idle for 5 seconds or so at 1200 - 1500 rpm, and then settle slowly back to normal idle. Problem is, is that when its in this mood, it snatchs the driveline badly when letting off the throttle to slow down in gear, and can make smooth changes a bit hit and miss.

    My feeling is that something is sticky. Who knows how these work (control the actual throttle butterfly, or is it a bypass valve type deal?) and how tricky to dismantle and give a cleaning with carb cleaner?

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    not sure what 406 IAC is like.. but on my 405 the IAC is removed with two screws and it has a conical head that goes in and out of a matching port. I think these can sometimes gunk up and need cleaning out. and maybe?? lube IAC shaft. from memory it has a helical thread.

    Also check all wiring and hose connections to injection/intake side of engine and to Map sensor ( on 405 is mounted top rear of radiator)

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    Have had the same problem on my 306 for a while now (especially that jolt on the driveline when coming off throttle), had the Idle stepper motor cleaned and eventually replaced and for a while it seemed better but now it's as bad as ever. I'm thinking now that it may be related to the fuel system rather than the air but for now a lack of $$$ has me putting up with it.
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