306 Gearbox woes
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    Icon7 306 Gearbox woes

    In my 306 when I put it into 1st or 2nd gear the gear change feels quite rough, i.e gearstick doesnt slide easily into place and you can hear a very slight crunch. However changing into 3rd, 4th or 5th is a very smooth process as it slides easily into gear. When moving it can be quite difficult to even get it into 1st gear (can feel resistance pushing against the stick). Is this a common feature of 306s or is my gearbox fubared. (again )


    BTW this is on a brand new clutch and reconditioned gearbox.

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    [QUOTE=Clown] Is this a common feature of 306s /QUOTE]

    of course it's not a common feature of the 306s...

    I'd say that reconditioned gearbox needed more reconditioning...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clown
    BTW this is on a brand new clutch and reconditioned gearbox.
    sounds like someone didnt recondition your gearbox too well....my gearbox does a similar thing to what yours does. but i know mines shattered, i just need to get some cash together to recondition the box. i crunch from 3rd to 4th, and have the similar 1st to 2nd symptoms.

    for the time being, i chucked in a 125ml Nulon G70 with 2L of gear oil into the box to calm it down abit. it reduced the evilness quite abit.
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    Mine's the same in 1st & to some extend in 2nd too. As in rough & requiring more attention and effort when changing those gears. Going from 2nd back down to 1st gear can be come difficult when the car is still running at about 20km'h+ so I try to avoid doing that.

    For my car it's best to slow down (to a near stop before changing down to 1st)
    It's the correct way to drive the car anyway.

    By the way I had a new clutch done at the peugeot workshop as well as the flywheel machine just a while back, and the condition have only slightly improved.

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    Synchro's are worn. Best thing you can do, as already stated i believe, is to put a heavier weight gearbox oil in. The thicker oil will spin up whats left of the synchromeshes, and reduce the crunching.

    The downside is slightly less power (slightly slightly), and maybe a heavier shift. But pugs have such a light shift anyway, you probably wouldn't notice it. :p
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