After my recent engine overhaul, including a new clutch, i noticed the clutch bite point is much further down the pedal travel than before. In fact, total disengagement is just about flat to the firewall, which causes some issues with quick shifts.


Now, i know i can adjust the total pedal height with the cable end, but is it possible to move the bite point along the pedal without changing the pedal height?

I remember Ian saying the clutch fork had been welded "bent", and he'd reset it. Would that have been a clutch mod that's been undone?! :p

I'd prefer to have 1/4 travel of dead, then 1/2 travel for clutch, and the last 1/4 past the bite point. As it is i have about 1/2cm or less past the bite point.

Oh, while i'm at it, would anyone know why a recently overhauled S1 engine would ping like hell on regular fuel? I made the mistake of putting a half tank into my car a couple of weeks after the rebuild, and it was awful! I ended up dropping in some booster, and an optimax top up.