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    HI ALL .. I'm looking at buying a 1998 PEUGEOT 306 LX ... when i took it out on the test drive there was a grating rattle when I depressed the clutch ... this happens whichever gear it's in and even in neutral ... it sounds like it's coming from the bottom back of the engine (in the area of the clutch ?).


    Any ideas ...???
    Is it serious ... ???
    is it expessive .. ???
    or could it be something simple that just needs a little time invested... ???


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    Sounds like the clutch release bearing is worn out. The part itself would be fairly inexpensive, but there's a fair bit of labour in replacing it as it's a gearbox off job. There is a chance that the clutch might need work too, unless the clutch has been replaced, but not the bearing, at some stage. How many km/miles has it done?

    Good luck - if you're willing to take this on, try to knock them down about $800.

    (Or if you're in the UK, whatever it'd cost to get the clutch replaced...)


    2003 PEUGEOT 206 GTi

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