Air conditioning electrics mi16
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    Default Air conditioning electrics mi16

    As I wrote on a previous post, the clutch on my air cond compressor isn't kicking in as there is no power getting to it.

    Here's what we've found out so far:

    When the A/C button was pushed to 'on' the thermo fans were not kicking in. However when the autoelectrician fiddled with the climate control computer (black box under stereo area somewhere) all of a sudden the thermos fired up. Now they kick in whenver the A/C button is pushed, which suggests the swtich isn't at fault.

    The autoelectrician has checked the low gas pressure sensor and its not that. Power gets across the switch, there is no power going to that switch at any stage.


    So it seems either the climate control unit could be buggered, or perhaps the thermostat on the evaporator isn't working and isn't telling the computer that the evaporator is hot and to kick the clutch in again.

    any ideas? is the thermostat likely to have gone?

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    Default A/c

    I may not be of much help as mine did the same and in the end it was sold with this fault. I have heard of a few others like this. Mine would work perfectly until a hot day then would not kick back in.

    I went thru its got to much gas to little gas part watching as Mechanic drained my precious older gas from the system. I bought new electrical part and wiring adapter about $300-00 sorry cant now remeber name of this part it fitted on top of the reciever drier.
    I spent two days with TAFE motoring A/C trainer it stumped him but he did have a supply of the old banned gas to refil it.

    Many had a go no-one managed to fix.

    It appears from what I am told that there are several computer type boxes one up the front behind a headlight (someone else will probably be able to tell you more) and one where you have found it. The consensus was that these can get a dry joint or a a small break in the circuit board.

    In the end I started a small business and needed a new car so it went.

    The new owner still has no a/c but doesnt seem to be a concern for him.


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    The small box behind the passenger side headlamp controls the cooling fans & is part of the aircon system, Its called a "BITRON" box.
    There is also another control box behind glovebox right behind the dashboard & thats a right so & so to get at, Thats also another "BITRON" box.

    Click the link, then click on "ELECTRICAL" at the top & then on "405 A/C Not cold, Compressor not engaging" in the list on the left.

    This shows the series two 405 setup but the series one is very similar
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    Default solution

    THe electrical problem has finally been fixed! A dodgy wire between the low pressure sensor and the compressor itself was what it was. Ran a new wire and the whole system is working properly again. Problem now is that it ran cold for 5 minutes, then hot again. I think the compressor has now gone, probably a seal or something which had dried out. Will try regassing but failing that i'll need to source a new or second hand mi16 compressor. Many thanks to Scott for fixing the electrical problem.
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    Just a shame the compressor seems to have died.

    Proves to be a valuable lesson though, you should run the aircon system at least once a week or so, otherwise the seals in the compressor dry out and become brittle, then when you fire it up they give way very quickly, as we discovered yesterday.


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    My Ex GF's 205 SI had a similar problem. It turned out to be a bad connection in the fuse/relay box (the one in the glove box). Pulling out all the plugs and reseating them (whilst trying to fix a problem with the starter) magically fixed the air cond

    As you can imagine she was rather happy when I told her not only had I fixed the problem with the starter, but the aircond worked too!

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    If it's just the seal, why not simply replace the seal? It's no major operation according to the Sanden book of tricks and I've done heaps of compressor seals over the years.
    You forget though that unless you've got absolute proof that it is the seal, it could just be a leak somewhere that's simply blown out. I redid a system recently on a Lancer that had been done by someone in Sydney for mega $$s prior to my sons purchase and discovered a swag of leaks around the evaporator including one fitting where the "O" ring wasn't even fitted. Most of the rest were the old black R-12 variety and it had leaks everywhere.
    You should also remember that the seal should also be considered suspect in any case due to age and also the fact that you possibly have a seal compatable with R-12 oil and not PAG or R-134a oil.

    Alan S
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