More 505 Shocks?
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    More 505 Shocks?


    I have a friend with a 1980 505 (GR?) which needs new shocks, especially at the front.

    What sort of cost should he be up for for the front - as neither of us have the space, we will have to pay someone to do the work. Any recommendations for original vs aftermarket - he wants comfort and safety, not performance?

    Can we replace the rears without removing springs etc?

    On a similar line does any one know any tricks to lining up the speedo cable - we can get it to work for a while, but it seems to work its way out of the back of the speedo pretty easily.



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    for the front just put either gabriels or aliquants in it
    they aren't too badly priced
    the rears you can change without taking the springs out
    they just come out through the bottom of the trailing arm
    generally a single person job but an extra pair of hands can come in handy when doing the rears
    if you ever do this job on a 604 the job is easier if you have an near empty fuel tank but in the 505 it should be pretty easy
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    Allinquants are ok in the front, but stay clear of the Gabriels. If the fronts are noticeably bad you will probably find they have already been replaced by aftermarket items, probably unneccesarily. If the rears are original (plastic dust cover and square looking on the bottom) then keep them unless they are very worn, maybe just tighten up the rubbers at the top. You can do this by removing the metal spacer tube and adding a couple of flat washers to take up the play.
    Nothing comes close to the original Peugeot rear shockers!
    Body roll can be reduced in the 505 GR by fitting a 504 or STI rear antiroll bar (both the same).

    Graham Wallis

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