205 headlight won't turn on, stalk or relay?
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    Default 205 headlight won't turn on, stalk or relay?

    My 205 headlights stopped working.

    At first, it would only come on some of the time, and I had to turn them off then on again.

    In the space of a few days, they do not come on at all.


    I read recently about the stalk being the problem, but I can;t find the thread. Is that true? Will I likely need to replace the stalk? Or is there a relay somewhere that is gone?

    Edit: (And it's a S1 205 gti)

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    I had similar problems on a '92 205 GTi, though for me it started with not being able to get main beam. In my case it was the stalk ... but no promises! Sod's law says it'll be the part thet you DON'T replace first!
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    try the earthing points, right near the radiator. infact one is wisely under one of the pipes, so if it leaks, the contacts get wet and crusty yada yada... happen to me!
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