205 shifting gear problems
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    Default 205 shifting gear problems

    i have a s2 205gti, 1989 (with the reverse next to first, i think its be1 gearbox?)
    im having trouble with my gears. i have searched already and found a few results that may be applicable but i want to ask just to make sure.

    its hard to put into reverse, and often crunches. its even harder to put into 1st or 2nd from stop, its a little easier if im slowing from 3rd or 4th, but not much. i have noticed that the clutch pedal is now not inline with the brake pedal anymore (its about 50mm further in). its very hard to get into gear to get going from the lights, and is very annoying having to try and jam it into gear.

    my friend said that compared to other cars that the clutch pedal is very stiff (i dont really know, its my 1st car)

    im not really sure what it is but i think it might be gear linkages and/or clutch stroke or maybe the whole clutch.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.



    my friend had a play with it and it went back to normal, but yesterday when i was driving to work i heard a sound like a spring breaking and the pedal is now stuck on the floor. I can still move the pedal by hand freely, and near the adjusting nuts if i pull on the lever/end of cable i can hear the pedal moving up and down. I was just wondering if there is a spring that is meant to go at the big lever that connects the cable to the clutch (where the adjusting nuts are) ?
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    NO 1-if reverse is next to first ,you have a be-3 gearbox.
    NO-2 clutch pedal on my 205 gti is pretty heavy and harder and stiffer to push down than say a mazda 323 for instance,they have a pretty heavy duty clutch in them from new.
    no-3 it could be as simple as changing linkages which will be about $100 for the three linkages and about 10-15 mins to fit by mechanic.
    what you describe about the clutch pedal being lower than the brake pedal sounds like the clutch needs attention.your not gonna know until you get it checked by a mechanic.
    dont panic ,get it to a good reliable mechanic is my advice and quick before you chip the teeth on gears by crunching them in.try not to drive it like that would be my second peice of advice-BAZZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by davey o
    i have noticed that the clutch pedal is now not inline with the brake pedal anymore (its about 50mm further in).
    It sounds like your clutch cable needs adjusting. In my 205 ('88 XLD), there's a threaded spike sticking out the front of the gearbox about 3 inches in from the left hand lower corner of the radiator. This is where the clutch cable connects to a big fat lever on the gearbox. It has two nuts; one to adjust and one to lock the adjusting nut. It's very easy to find if you look while someone else works the clutch pedal.

    Adjust the nuts to 'lengthen' the spike until the clutch pedal sits a bit further towards you than the brake pedal (say 5mm). If this improves nothing then carefully put it all back exactly as it was and cry on your mechanic's shoulder.

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