tracing oil leaks
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    Default tracing oil leaks

    hi everyone,

    ever since i replaced the gearbox and put a new sump in my pug there has been a steadily increasing stain of oil on my driveway. this is not good... so, the other day i decided to do something about it.


    there was oil all over the place underneath (mainly where the engine meets the gearbox) and it looked looked like a bit of oil was coming from the sump gasket, so i put a new gasket on it, but the same problem remains.

    while i was removing the sump, i noticed a bit of oil on the flywheel, so i wiped it off. when putting the sump back on there was again more oil on it. my guess is that maybe there is oil dripping down from in the bell housing or the input shaft. so that when the flywheel spins, it flicks the oil everywhere. there isnt too much oil around the driveshaft seals, so i think they may be ok.

    so, here's the question. what possible sources could the oil be leaking from? is there any seals to look for and if so, are they difficult to replace?

    Silver 87' 205 GTi

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    Hi Bottman,
    Firstly, you replaced the sump and the gearbox, so we should assume you have new gearbox and engine oil. Does a 205 run seperate oil for engine and gearbox.(some fwd have combined oil )
    When you wiped the oil off the flywheel, what side of the flywheel was the oil drip? If it was gearbox oil it should have been a stronger smell(that is if you have actual gear oil in it) than engine oil.
    My guess not knowing 205's intimatly is it has to be one of only 2 things. Rear crankshaft seal, or the input shaft seal. Both I'd guess will require the removal of the gearbox to fix. Bummer
    Good luck.
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    Rear main crank seal is the other possibility. Smell the oil - gearbox oil has a 'fruity' smell when compared to engine oil.

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