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    Default 505 Cooling Fan

    Can anyone explain to me the principle of operation for the thermo fan on a 505? Mine does not appear to be working, cooling only coming from the A/C fan. Haynes does not say much apart from how to disamantle it and adjust the bush gap. Are there any common problems with these that may be the cause of mine not working?



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    they seem to fail often. They can be tested by unplugging the 2 wires going into the radiator thermo switch (down below on the drivers side) and touching the 2 wires together with the ignition on. I just unbolted the plastic fan, removed it and turned the small bolts that adjust the gap of the hub until there was no gap so the fan is on all the time, then locked them down with the locknuts and put the fan back on. It works fine and the car doesnt seem to take any longer to warm up.

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