205GTI in latest EVO magazine
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    205GTI in latest EVO magazine

    I haven't bought it yet, but when I was in the newsagent yesterday I noticed an article in the latest EVO with the 205GTI in it. It seems they are using it as a yardstick by which to messure current hot hatches. I think the car they use is a LAD remanufactured vehicle.

    The guys at this magazine love the 205 and it is often mentioned or used as a comparison. In a recent issue they put a stopwatch to it around a test track. They then punted a Clio Sport and a variety of other hothatches around the same track. The results were staggering.

    Cheers Cal.

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    Staggering good for the 205 or staggering bad?


    Just read the article, <a href="http://www.evo.co.uk" target="_blank">EVO homepage</a> (no cost registration required to read road tests)

    I don't know, doesn't say too much really except the 205's more fun (still....and faster than some) than everything cept a TypeR Civic.....not bad for a 15yr old car

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