Some ad's are genuine
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    Default Some ad's are genuine

    I'm reading a book about copywriting for ads at the mo..very good book too. "the copy book". It's about how variouse writers write their ads. Anyway came accross this guy called John Bevins who wrote alot of Peugeot ads in the 80's-90's. There is this paragraph that kinda made me feel a little less cynicle about advertising....even though I work in advertising myself! To put into context...he's writing about how he gets inspired. Interesting.

    "Had I sat around trying to think up ideas for Peugeot, Iíd never have got to chat with all those Peugeot owners, and Peugeot mechanics, and Peugeot engineers and designers at Peugeotís plants and design centres in France-where, remarkably, Peugeot flew the Australian flag to welcome the agency even though Australia accounted for just half-a-day-a-yearís production- and Iíd never have discovered that there is a passion at Peugeot that runs deep, a passion to do with one thing: making cars go exactly where you point them." John Bevins

    Sums up Peugeots least it was this way a few years ago.
    heres one of the ads..might not be able to read it but it captures the driving experience well.

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    Interesting ... A bit like the guy who used to write all the LP liners for Frank Sinatra's albums, he never even met Frank until almost the end, and Frank had no idea who he was.

    What's with the slogan .. "Only a Peugeot's a Peugeot" .

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    Im bought John Bevin's factory Mi16, back in '92. The one that Jason20 now owns. He also gave me some of the art work from various Peugeot ads of that era. Nice guy.

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